for your life.

Supporting healthy lifestyles for people and the earth from the dining table

Half a century after spreading macrobiotics to everyone,
We aim for a harmonious mind and body.



Cooking school

Cooking school

"Let's get started! Macrobiotic cooking"
For diet, detox, and improve your constitution.Learn how to enjoy the blessings of the season at the Seishoku Cooking School, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle that matches the rhythms of nature.

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The Japan Macrobiotic Association plans and holds various seminars and events.
There are a wide variety of genres, from courses on the basics of macrobiotics to easy-to-practice health courses and courses on learning about Eastern thought.If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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Publishing business

Publishing Business

Seishoku Kyokai publishes monthly magazine "Musubi" with more than 700 issues.It covers a wide range of themes such as macrobiotic cooking recipes, yin and yang theory, diet, parenting and health, and environmental issues.Please take a look at the "Musubi" magazine.

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About Japan Macrobiotic Association

About Macrobiotics

From the etymology of "Macrobiotic" to the deep relationship with the Japan Macrobiotic Association, we introduce in detail.


Columns, seminars, news, case studies, etc.
We send out updates daily.

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Reception 9:00-17:00 (regular holiday: Wednesday)

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