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About Japan Macrobiotic Association / Japan Macrobiotic Co., Ltd.

The activities of the Seishoku Kyokai were started by Shuzo Okada, who inherited the principles of Shokuiku advocate Sagen Ishizuka and the will of Joichi Sakurazawa, the founder of macrobiotics.Since then, for half a century, we have been striving to promote macrobiotics and raise awareness, aiming for world peace through food.

Purpose of establishment

Research the theory and technology of oriental medicine, strive to practice and disseminate it, and carry out all necessary projects for the establishment of peace and freedom for mankind.

Monthly magazine "Musubi"

In 33, he launched the monthly magazine "Health and Peace" in response to a request from Yoichi Sakurazawa to promote regular food activities in the Kansai region.
Focusing on "food", not only health maintenance and disease improvement, but also a wide range of themes such as returning to nature, enlightenment of traditional food culture and environmental harmony, etc., will be covered and published.
Currently, the name of the magazine is "Musubi", and the concept of "supporting healthy lifestyles for people and the earth from the table" continues.

Cooking school

Macrobiotic cuisine is a dish made with ingredients centered on organic brown rice and vegetables, and is traditionally eaten by Japanese people.You will learn a wide range of things such as cooking techniques that bring out the deliciousness of ingredients, knowledge about ingredients and seasonings, theories, environmental issues, etc., and you will be able to cook according to the physical condition of yourself and your family, and lead a healthy life both physically and mentally. increase.

Seminars / Events

Lectures and lectures are held nationwide on themes such as the connection between food and health, traditional food culture, and oriental medicine.


Organization name Japan Macrobiotic Association
Start a business 1958
Business activities -Monthly magazine "Musubi"
-Publishing books related to macrobiotics
-Management of a macrobiotic cooking school centered on brown rice and vegetarian diet
-Holding various health seminars and events
Location 540-0021-2 Ote-dori, Chuo-ku, Osaka 2-7 ≫Access
Representative Tsunechika Okada
Related company Japan Macrobiotic Co., Ltd.
Muso Corporation
Muso Trading Co., Ltd.
Muso Food Industry Co., Ltd.
Fuki Shokken Co., Ltd.
Musubi Garden


Establishment of Dietary Research Society
June 1958, 8
Shokuyo Shinseikai was established at Fukusenji Temple in Chuo Ward, Osaka City.
Chairman: Yoichi Sakurazawa Deputy Chairman: Seizo Takahashi, Shuzo Okada Secretary General: Usaburo Matsushita
Organizers: Yasuhiko Ozaki, Shiro Matsuoka, Yusuke Nakatsuji, Tomizo Suzuki, Joji Shimizu, Kennosuke Kishimoto
Instructors: Shiro Matsuoka, Soyo Okada
Advisors: Sadatake Kato, Hiroshi Maruyama, Kazuo Itoga, Seijiro Iida, Mitsuyoshi Ishigaki, Yoshiyuki Amano, Raicho Hiratsuka
Started cooking classes and lectures in various places to raise awareness of the importance of food
October 1958
The journal "Health and Peace" is published.
October 1959
Held the first summer health school at the foot of Mount Hira Horai, Shiga Prefecture.
October 1965
Manufactures, sells, and distributes to members a small number of natural foods such as miso, soy sauce, and cooking oil.
November 1965, 7-
8 April
Held the 120st Spiritual and Cultural Olympics with XNUMX supporters of Seishoku from more than XNUMX countries overseas, welcomed them to Ise from Tokyo, and held exchange meetings for a month in Kyoto, Uji, Hiroshima, and other places. 
June 1966, 4
Joichi Sakurazawa, the advocate of macrobiotics, passed away
October 1967
Special training course for macrobiotic instructors opened
November 1968, 7-
8 April
80nd Spiritual and Cultural Olympiad held in Europe, XNUMX participants from Japan
October 1969
"Shokuyo Shinseikai" was renamed "World Japan Macrobiotic Association" to expand activities to popularize Seishoku.
October 1969
Established Muso Foods Co., Ltd., a trading company specializing in natural foods, in response to the growing need for natural food distribution.
Strive to spread awareness of natural foods in Japan, and strive to export traditional Japanese foods overseas.
October 1969
Monthly magazine "Health and Peace" renamed "Seishoku"
Lecture and exchange tour to Europe
October 1973
Lecture and Exchange Tour to America
October 1975
Lecture and exchange tour to the Soviet Union and Bulgaria
Bringing pesticide-free rice seeds to Bulgaria and appealing the superiority of rice's nutritional value and yield.After that, rice cultivation began in Bulgaria.
October 1977
Published "Introduction to brown rice meal"
October 1977
Lecture and exchange tour to China
October 1979
Lecture and exchange tour to China
October 1980
Changed the title of the monthly magazine Seishoku to Compa 21
October 1983
Chairman Shuzo Okada passes away
October 1983
Renamed "World Japan Macrobiotic Association" to "Japan Macrobiotic Association".
Established the Japan Macrobiotic Association Board of Directors, with Takuzo Yamaguchi appointed as representative director
October 1983
"Food Treatment Law" published
October 1984
"Compa 21" Volume 300 Commemorative Special Lecture
October 1985
Started training courses for regular food cooking leaders.It has produced many graduates and provides cooking instruction in various places.
October 1986
XNUMXst Seishoku Musou Principle Symposium held
October 1988
Takuzo Yamaguchi appointed as chairman
October 1992
Chairman Takuzo Yamaguchi passes away.Shiro Matsuoka appointed as chairman    
October 1993
"Comparative No. 21400 Commemoration/In Memory of Dr. Shuzo Okada/Scramble for People and Food -Network Now" held at the National Hall
October 1994
Lecture Series Monthly Forum by Doctors Who Understand Macrobiotics Starts
Lecturers: Minoru Abe, Masao Nojima, Keiji Ito, Jun Yasuda, Sadao Mayumi, Shinichi Terayama, Masaaki Honda, Tsuyoshi Yamashita
October 1994
Fumio Kikuchi Japan Longitudinal Lecture “Talking about macrobiotic life”
October 1995
Chairman Shiro Matsuoka resigned.Hikojiro Watanabe appointed as chairman
October 1997
Hikojiro Watanabe resigned as chairman.Teizou Okada appointed as chairman
October 1997
“Macrobiotic Medicine Network” Exchange Meeting Held at Aichi SME Center
October 1997
"Macrobiotic Medicine Symposium" held at Zendentsu Hall (supported by Japan Macrobiotic Association)
October 1998
Changed title of monthly magazine "Compa 21" to "Seishoku"
October 1998
XNUMXnd "Macrobiotic Medicine Symposium" held at Mido Kaikan (supported by Japan Macrobiotic Association)
October 1998
"Women's Health and Food" Lecture by Keiji Ito (Sponsored by Japan Macrobiotic Association)
October 1998
The 3rd "Macrobiotic Medicine Symposium" held at Dentsu Hall (supported by Japan Macrobiotic Association)
October 1999
"New Flow of Medicine and Food" Lecture Lecturer: Jiro Kumazawa, Keiji Ito Held an exchange meeting at the Dawn Center
October 1999
"Let's Live Healthy -Lessons for Mind and Body-" Macrobiotic Lecture and Exchange Meeting Held at Dawn Center
October 2000
“Macrobiotic Medicine Lecture-Thinking about Food, Mind and Health-” Lecturers: Koji Ebe, Keiji Ito Held at Dawn Center
October 2001
The 6th "Macrobiotic Medicine Symposium" held at Seiryo Kaikan (supported by Seishoku Kyokai)
October 2001
Lecture to commemorate the new issue of Musubi, which surpassed the 500th issue of Seishoku Lecturer: Sadao Mayumi, held an exchange party at the Takarazuka Grand Hotel
October 2001
Changed the title of the monthly magazine Seishoku to Musubi
“Macrobiotic Lecture in Okayama” Lecturers: Teizo Okada and Kenji Sato Held at Kurashiki Civic Hall (co-sponsored by Seishoku Kyokai)
October 2002
Health Forum 21 "Reviving the Earth's Energy and My Energy" Lecturers: Akio Shimada and Takashi Hirai Held at Cosmo Securities Hall
October 2002
Cooking School nationwide joint exchange meeting held at The Westin Osaka
October 2006
"Food and Health Forum" Special Lecture Lecturer: Tsukasa Abe, Manabu Katano Held at the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
October 2008
50th Anniversary of Japan Macrobiotic Association Lecture to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Muso's founding "Macrobiotics that are friendly to the body and the environment"
Lecturer: Yumi Ishihara, Kotaro Yamamoto Science Hall Science Hall
The lecture Lecturer: Hiromi Shintani and Kotaro Yamamoto Held at the International Conference Hall of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
October 2009
Published "Basics of Regular Food Cooking Basics"
October 2009
“Musubi” 600th issue commemorative lecture in Fukuoka Lecturer: Sadao Mayumi, Sadao Okada Held at Clover Hall
October 2009
"Musubi" 600th issue commemorative lecture Lecturer: Toru Abo, Shunsuke Funase Held at the Osaka International Convention Center
October 2010
Macrobiotics Lecture “Making mind and body with food” Lecturers: Teizo Okada, Hiroki Ozawa Osaka International Conference Center Special Conference Hall
Publishing "The Art of Regular Diet"
October 2010
Macrobiotic Lecture "Proper Dietary Education for Children and Adults" Lecturers: Takako Ozaki, Tsukasa Abe Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Conference Hall
October 2010
Board of Directors launched
Chairman: Manabu Katano Directors: Shinichiro Yamamura, Kenji Okabe, Takashi Oura, Jun Fukui
October 2011
Tsunechika Okada assumed the post of Representative Director of Japan Macrobiotic Co., Ltd.
Chairman Teizo Okada passes away
October 2012
“Food Makes the Heart Rich” Lecture Lecturer: Manabu Katano, Shinichiro Yamamura, Kenji Okabe Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Conference Hall
October 2014
Child-rearing Support Dietary Education Forum “I want children to acquire good habits and the power to live” Lecturer: Fukue Nishi, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Basement Conference Room
October 2014
Child-rearing support Food education forum “Strong, smart, and flexible: passing the baton on to the next generation through food”
Lecturers: Kazuo Takeshita and Shinichiro Yamamura Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry 7th Floor Large Hall
October 2015
Life-Nurturing Parenting Forum “Food Makes the Future and Lifestyle” Lecturers: Mitsugu Otsuka, Masato Teraguchi, Chiharu Hatakeyama Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry 7F Large Hall
October 2017
Medicine and Food Health Forum “Creating Healthy Teeth and Body” Lecturers: Yoshihide Okazaki, Masashi Watanabe
October 2019
“Eating Rice Fields Project” Lecturer: Takao Hayashi Co-sponsored at Musubi Garden Sakura Shinmachi Store Held at Dawn Center