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macrobiotic cooking

Macrobiotics, commonly known as a brown rice vegetarian diet. You may think, "I want to try it, but can it be delicious?"
It is originally rooted in traditional Japanese food, so once you understand the basics, you can easily incorporate it into your daily dining table.

For diet, detox, and improve your constitution.Learn the tricks to enjoy the blessings of the season at the regular cooking school,
Enjoy a healthy lifestyle in tune with the rhythms of nature.

6 reasons to choose

  • Traditional and Proven Cooking Class

    It has been operated for many years by the Japan Macrobiotic Association, which was established in 1957 (Showa 32) at the request of Dr. Yoichi Sakurazawa, the founder of macrobiotics.You can learn the original "regular diet = macrobiotic" developed from dietary nutrition.

  • Organic ingredients and seasonings

    Ingredients used in practical training are mainly organic, and we prepare safe and secure ingredients as much as possible.Seasonings are also naturally brewed using traditional methods, so you can enjoy the real taste.

  • Small classes for solid learning

    Up to 1 people per table, 6 to 4 dishes are made in one training session.You will practice while holding down the tips and points, so even beginners will definitely acquire the basics and skills of cooking.

  • Well-equipped faculty

    Experienced instructors will guide you.In addition, we are also focusing on cultivating motivated young instructors and working on developing menus that match the times.

  • For your health and that of your family

    Instead of a strict vegetarian diet with brown rice, the Japanese cuisine is mainly plant-based, which is gentle on the body.

  • Course that can be stepped up

    We offer courses that allow you to start with a beginner course and progress from intermediate to advanced.The path to becoming an instructor has also been opened, and many people are making use of it in their work.

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Macrobiotic Cooking School

YouTube channel "Macrobiotic Journal"

Regular classroom
  • Beginner course

    Through the basic menu of regular meals, you will learn the basics of cooking, such as how to use cooking utensils, how to cook brown rice, and how to wash and cut vegetables.

    See the schedule for beginner courses

  • Intermediate course

    Learn the basic menus of home-cooked meals and nutritious meals.The menu has expanded to include more seasonal ingredients, and there is a wide variety of dishes that will please even your family and friends who are not familiar with macrobiotics.

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  • Advanced course

    In addition to learning traditional cooking techniques and wisdom, such as the foundation of macrobiotics, food nutrition and dietary cuisine, dishes using seasonal ingredients, kaiseki and fucha cuisine, you will also deepen the spirituality unique to Japan through cooking. .

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  • Short-term regular class

    Beginner and intermediate courses can be studied in a short period of 5 days, making it perfect for busy people.It has also been well received by people from all over Japan and overseas who can concentrate on learning while staying in Japan.

    See schedule for short-term regular classes

  • Experience cooking class

    For those who want to start a healthy and beautiful life with macrobiotics, we are holding a hands-on cooking class that you can easily participate in.Please join us.

    View the schedule of the cooking class

  • Open cooking class

    A one-day class where anyone can feel free to participate in a fun original menu by a team of unique instructors.Invite your family and friends and give it a try.

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Alumni's voice

Graduates of Macrobiotics and Cooking School who are active in various fields, we asked them about how they started learning, what they learned at the school, and how the knowledge and ways of thinking they acquired are being used.

Ms. Nana Nitta Completed Normal Course
When I moved, I decided to go to the Seishoku Kyokai.The sweetness of the vegetables was brought out so well that I still remember getting goosebumps.
Until now, I had only focused on imported foods, but I was reminded of the wonders of traditional Japanese foods.Until now, I've always thought about "making delicious food," but after studying at Seishoku Kyokai, I've come to think, "Let's make delicious food that's good for the body."

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