Monthly MusubiMonthly MUSUBI

Macrobiotic magazine with over 700 issues

Seishoku Kyokai publishes monthly magazine "Musubi" with more than 700 issues.
It covers a wide range of themes such as macrobiotic cooking recipes, yin and yang theory, diet, parenting and health, and environmental issues.

Introducing this month's "Monthly Musubi"

We will introduce the contents of the latest issue of "Monthly Musubi" in a digest, such as special features that introduce the efforts of various people who enjoy macrobiotic life, monthly recommended recipes that you want to check for each season.

Monthly Musubi back number

We introduce the back numbers of the monthly magazine "Musubi" published in the past.In addition, we also sell single issues of back numbers only.

About the author

Introducing the writing members who are in charge of the monthly magazine "Musubi".

Introduction of related books

We introduce various related books, including official books published by Japan Macrobiotic Association.

Subscription application

Macrobiotic magazine "Musubi" is delivered around the 20th of every month.Subscriptions are accepted by phone or online.

"Musubi" as a gift

"I want you to stay healthy forever."
With that in mind, why don't you give your dear friends and acquaintances a copy of the "Musubi" magazine for a year to support their healthy lifestyles?
Please apply with the gift postcard at the end of the "Musubi" magazine, or contact the secretariat by phone for details.

Shop guide

Introducing shops, cafes, and retreat facilities that sell natural foods.

Medical institutions and clinics

In addition to Western medicine, we will introduce medical institutions and clinics that provide treatment from the viewpoint of dietary regimen, natural healing power and immunity enhancement.