Lecture on relieving pain in the body using the Sotai method
Starting July 2016, 3!
 Regular eating is a correct way of eating that develops the order of the universe, but it can be said that sotai is the application of the order of the universe to movement.It is not difficult to correct and relieve pain by yourself without receiving it from others like manipulative treatment or chiropractic.
 In this course, you will learn the practical skills to correct the distortion of the body by yourself and eliminate the pain by yourself using the principle of movement out of the breath, food, movement, and thoughts of Soji.Also, you can understand the correct action and correct the cause of the body distortion.
You can understand that pain is your friend, not your enemy.
Lecturer Toshifumi Suzuki
Toshifumi Suzuki Director of Suzuki General Treatment Clinic and acupuncturist.Shin Shokuyokai lecturer.Influenced by his sickly childhood, he has shown an interest in his medicine since kindergarten.In the process of learning various treatments and health methods, he questioned the treatment and came to the conclusion that only the person himself could become healthy.Understanding and applying those correct principles in life habits that determine the state of disease and health teach it as the only way to control health.Treatment is also based on this principle.He studied under Mr. Matsuoka's health guidance as an intrusive apprentice.He studied under Munehide Hirohata, a disciple of Dr. Keizo Hashimoto, the founder of Sotai.One of his books is "A Book to Correct Distortions in Food" (Asuka Publishing).
Schedule 3 classes in total, held on Saturdays
1rd Saturday, February 2016, 3 
How to straighten your body by yourself
2nd Saturday, April 2016, 4 
how to get rid of body pain
3rd Saturday, February 2016, 5 
Correct movements that do not strain the body
Tuition fee All 3 times General 15,000 yen / Member 13,000 yen
Venue Seishoku Kyokai 3F Lecture Room  
Time 10:30 ~ 12:30
Fixed employee 30 Rooms

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