Observation course by macrobiotic treatment method and five elements of yin and yang
Starting July 2016, 4!
 In the treatment method course, you will learn the wisdom of folk remedies using familiar foods.
When you get injured or have a stomach ache, there are time-honored remedies that you can easily and effectively practice at home without resorting to medicine or medical care right away.I will explain the treatment method that was said to be a superstition from a scientific point of view.
 It is important to learn through experience on a regular basis in order to implement it in an emergency.This time, we will introduce treatment for each organ that is prone to fall into each season.In addition, at the same time, it is also possible to treat physical problems such as spots and wrinkles on the face, skin tone, bone structure, and tone of voice.
Learn the basics of inspection methods that can be judged based on the Yin and Yang Five Elements.
Lecturer Kenji Okabe
Kenji Okabe / Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1961.When he was a university student, he went to the United States and was surprised by the prevalence of obesity.After he realized that Japanese food was the best diet food, he discovered Seishoku.After working as a lecturer at the Japan Macrobiotic Association, he moved to Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 2003 and established the Japan Brown Rice Seishoku Research Institute. In 2006, he started the "Musubi no Kai", and in addition to giving lectures, held health guidance, mini-fasting, and macrobiotic seminars in various places.He is a director of Japan Macrobiotic Association.
Schedule 5 classes in total, held on Saturdays
1rd Saturday, February 2016, 4
"Inspection of the liver and gallbladder system as seen from the five elements of yin and yang"
~Treatment using ginger, green vegetables, and wild grass for troubles of the autonomic nervous system~
2rd Saturday, February 2016, 6
"Inspection of the heart and small intestine system as seen from the five elements of Yin and Yang"
〜Treatment with Umeboshi, Soy Sauce and Bancha for circulatory troubles〜
2rd Saturday, February 2016, 8
"Inspection of the stomach and spleen system as seen from the five elements of yin and yang"
〜Treatment using brown rice, arrowroot, and amazake for immune system trouble〜
2rd Saturday, February 2016, 10
"Inspection of the Lung and Large Intestine System Seen from the Five Elements of Yin and Yang"
~Treatment using taro and radish for lymphatic trouble~
2rd Saturday, February 2016, 12
"Inspection of the Bladder System Seen from the Five Elements of Yin and Yang"
〜Remedy using adzuki beans, konnyaku, and seaweed for endocrine (gynecological) problems〜
Tuition fee General 20,000 yen / Member 17,500 yen
One-time tuition fee General 4,800 yen / Member 4,200 yen
* Participation for each time is also possible.
Venue Seishoku Kyokai 3F Lecture Room  
Time 10:30 ~ 13:00
Fixed employee 30 people (pre-registration required)

About tuition and application for "Macrobiotic Treatment Method / Observation Course by Yin and Yang Five Elements"
*Please make sure to contact Seishoku Kyokai in advance by phone, fax, or e-mail.
You can also apply from the seminar application form on the Japan Macrobiotic Association website.
Please be sure to contact us in case of cancellation.
If you do not apply, you will not be able to participate, so please be careful.
*Please pay the tuition fee in a lump sum at the time of the first lesson.
*No refunds will be given for non-attendance.
* You may be able to apply even if you only participate once.
Each course is based on a series of applications,
If there are vacancies, it is possible to participate only once. Please contact us for the tuition fee for each class.
* Those who have subscribed to Musubi Magazine are registered as members.
*Acts such as recording or filming of lectures are strictly prohibited.

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