Create a happy, fun, and happy life! Good luck macrobiotic course
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Macrobiotics tends to be taken as food, but you will learn how consciousness, mind, and sensitivity affect the body. The common point of "food", "universe" and "consciousness" is the energy that is ubiquitously distributed throughout the universe, and we ourselves are also made of that energy.Let's improve our vitality and immunity by increasing sensitivity and cherishing the heart and consciousness that feel love, not just by eating.Macrobiotics awakens our innate life force and creates a foundation to make our dreams come true.
Lecturer Kenji Okabe
Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1961.When he was a university student, he went to the United States and was surprised by the prevalence of obesity.He realized that Japanese food was the best diet food, and he was instructed by Dr. Shiro Matsuoka.After working as a lecturer at the Japan Macrobiotic Association, he moved to Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 2003 and established the Japan Brown Rice Seishoku Research Institute. In 2006, he started the "Musubi no Kai", and in addition to giving lectures, held health guidance, mini-fasting, and macrobiotic seminars in various places.He is a director of Japan Macrobiotic Association.
Schedule 3 classes in total, held on Saturdays
1st January 1th (Saturday) How to eat to protect yourself from radioactive substances you care about
2nd February 2th (Sat) Diet with the rhythm of the moon ~ Lifestyle that awakens vitality
3rd March 3th (Sat) Macrobiotic to cleanse the mind and body
Tuition fee All 3 times Members ¥10,500 / Non-members ¥12,000
Venue Seishoku Kyokai 3F Lecture Room  
Time 10:30 ~ 12:30
Fixed employee 30 Rooms

About tuition and application for "Good luck macrobiotic course"
*Please make sure to contact Seishoku Kyokai in advance by phone, fax, or e-mail.
You can also apply from the seminar application form on the Japan Macrobiotic Association website.
Please be sure to contact us in case of cancellation.
If you do not apply, you will not be able to participate, so please be careful.
*Please pay the tuition fee in a lump sum at the time of the first lesson.
*No refunds will be given for non-attendance.
* You may be able to apply even if you only participate once.
Each course is based on a series of applications,
If there are vacancies, it is possible to participate only once. Please contact us for the tuition fee for each class.
* Those who have subscribed to Musubi Magazine are registered as members.
*Acts such as recording or filming of lectures are strictly prohibited.

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