1DAY SEMINAR Taking a step forward from a cold way of life
[Part 1] Lecture "Thorough dissection of the cold!" 10:30-12:30
 "Cold" can be said to be the source of all kinds of diseases.We will thoroughly dissect "coldness", which is said to affect not only slight coldness of hands and feet, but also chronic diseases such as allergies and lifestyle-related diseases, and mental problems.
 In fact, there are many people who are cold in the summer, such as cold drinks in the air conditioner.In addition, it is necessary to be careful that the body tends to get cold without being aware of it.As the season moves into autumn, it is important to check for coldness and take measures against it.
 It's a 2-hour session where you can understand the tips of how to live without getting cold, from what is considered to be the cause of coldness to countermeasures.

[Part 2] Reading session 13: 00-14: 30
 In this one-day seminar, for those who say, "I've learned so far, but I need to put it into practice...", we have added time for a [reading meeting] to give you the ability to take action.
 The hint of "cold" countermeasures, which is the learning this time, may be at your feet.You will be able to get hints from the books you bring with you for those small realizations.It doesn't matter whether you have read or not read the books you bring.It doesn't matter if you didn't read it beforehand.
 Participants work together to read books of the same genre, so it is characterized by the fact that you can gain perspectives that you would not have noticed if you were reading the book alone.
 Grab the essence you need from related books and bring back the book that grabbed the hint, so you can more reliably connect to your actions from tomorrow.
 Please come and visit us on a day when your heart and body will be slightly warm when you are done.

In the second half of the book club, we will focus on interactive group work.I would be happy if you could participate in the dialogue if you are cooperative.
*Please bring a book written by Dr. Yoichi Sakurazawa or a book related to macrobiotics.
Lecturer Keiichi Nishishita
Born in 1971.Acupuncturist. In his twenties, he encountered macrobiotics, and through his experiences in treating illnesses for himself and his family, became aware of natural remedies, and acquired a national qualification for acupuncturist and moxibustion.
Currently, as the director of Kei Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic (Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture), he is in charge of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment and dietary counseling at a clinic specializing in integrative medicine, while providing total treatment that incorporates posture correction, exercise guidance, physical constitution diagnosis, and dietary counseling. ing.
Kei Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic http://kei-shinkyu.com/
Schedule Sunday, May 2014, 9
Tuition fee Tuition Fee Members ¥4,500 / Non-members ¥5,000
Venue Seishoku Kyokai 3F Lecture Room  
Time 10:30 ~ 14:30

About the tuition fee and application for "1DAY seminar Take a step from a cold way of life"
*Please make sure to contact Seishoku Kyokai in advance by phone, fax, or e-mail.
You can also apply from the seminar application form on the Japan Macrobiotic Association website.
Please be sure to contact us in case of cancellation.
If you do not apply, you will not be able to participate, so please be careful.
*Please pay the tuition fee in a lump sum at the time of the first lesson.
*No refunds will be given for non-attendance.
* You may be able to apply even if you only participate once.
Each course is based on a series of applications,
If there are vacancies, it is possible to participate only once. Please contact us for the tuition fee for each class.
* Those who have subscribed to Musubi Magazine are registered as members.
*Acts such as recording or filming of lectures are strictly prohibited.

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