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April 2024, 4 (Sunday) Dr. Nyoichi Sakurazawa Grave Visit

We held a graveside visit for Professor Nyoichi Sakurazawa.

April 4th is the anniversary of the death of Macrobiotic founder Nyoichi Sakurazawa.
On April 4st, we held a hands-on event together with members of the Japan CI Association again this year, and a large number of participants gathered.

JapanCIAssociation, Sakurazawa Library Volunteer Librarian Staff, Muso Co., Ltd., Muso Shoji Co., Ltd.
Yamada Oil Co., Ltd., Seishoku Cooking School instructor, from KoreaKushiMr. Lee, representative of Macro Korea,
The son of Noboru Muramoto, who is related to Mr. Sakurazawa, and the daughter of Takuzo Yamaguchi participated.

As we gathered at Kyozoin of Honpoji Temple, people who were meeting us for the first time or who hadn't seen each other in a while quickly interacted with each other.
The conversation was lively.

Once everyone had gathered, the event began with greetings from each group. This time has been cultivated by Mr. Sakurazawa.
I always feel a connection.

We moved to Sensei Sakurazawa's grave and took turns placing our hands together while the chief priest gave a sutra.  

Afterwards, we moved to Sensen, a vegetarian restaurant located on the grounds of Daitokuji Temple, and had a social gathering.

For lunch, we had Sensui's vegetarian cuisine.

The taste of spring is packed into a bowl shaped like an iron bowl, creating a heart-warming taste.
He strives to treat food with care, as it is a precious life source that is the source of life for those who eat it.
It was a dish that is familiar to Mr. Sakurazawa's macrobiotics.

Mr. Tomoo Takakuwa, director of the Sakurazawa Nyoichi Materials Room, gave a lecture.
Why is Dr. Sakurazawa's grave located in this area of ​​Kyoto? During his childhood in Kyoto, his parents
I learned that he had a great influence on my thoughts, and I was able to feel closer to Mr. Sakurazawa.

It looks like rain this year too.
Meanwhile, people who are connected to Dr. Sakurazawa have been involved in macrobiotics.
All participants introduced themselves. “Health and Peace” by Nyoichi Sakurazawa
It was heartwarming to hear that the wishes have been passed down. The teachers who were listening to the story
He said, ``It's like rain of blessings,'' and it was a very valuable opportunity for interaction.


The details of this grave visit will be published in the July 2024 issue of “Musubi” magazine!